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The most convenient entry point into Gujarat is through the metropolis of Ahmedabad. The city contains some very fine museums, the Calico Museum of Textiles being considered among the world’s finest. Ahmedabad’s walled city is a living testimony to its heritage of crafts as women walk by in dazzling embroidered garments and flashing ethnic silver jewellery. Traditional Ahmedabad combines mosques of inspired workmanship, wooden Jain temples, unique stone stepwells and houses with ornately carved wooden balconies and window screens.

Modern Ahmedabad, just across the River Sabarmati spanned by four bridges, is a showpiece of contemporary architecture with designs by Le Corbusier, Louis Kahn and the best known Indian architects. Ahmedabad is a convenient base for a number of excursions, Modhera being the best known. 106 km away, this is one of the very few sun temples in the country.
Placewise Gujarat Travel Guide
Ahmedabad Travel Guide »

Ahmedabad blends harmoniously an ancient heritage with a vibrant present. The city's prosperous and eventful past and present is embodied in its rich kaleidoscope of history, art and culture, rich architecture and imposing monuments. Tourists can visit Ahmedabad throughout the year.

Alang Travel Guide »

The ship-breaking yard at Alang is situated 50 kms from the district headquarters of Bhavnagar on the Bhavnagar-veraval coastal highway.

Ambaji Travel Guide »

179 kms from Ahmedabad located on the Arasur hill is a major Shaktipith of India, A temple of the mother Goddess Amba. The temple is set on Arravallis of considerable importance of Hindus.

Balasinor Travel Guide »

Balasinor, is one of the three largest dinosaur sites in the world. Experts believe that this may have been a major hatchery for dinosaur eggs, dating back 65 millions years, some of which are over 20m long. Numerous eggs have been found here during excavations. The site is a treasure-trove of fossils and clutches of petrified eggs which together with the geological studies of region.

Balaram Travel Guide »

Located 167 kms, An weekend retreat and hunting resort of the Lohani who rules from Jalore in Southwestern Rajasthan. A number of temples of religion importance are located along Balaram River. Balaram Ambaji wildlife Sanctuary & Jessore Hill Sanctuary are fine hill forests near the palace are home to Sloth bear, Panther,Blue bull, 4 horned antelope, Jakal etc. The Balaram Palace resort is a classified Heritage classic.

Baroda Travel Guide »

Baroda is known as the garden city of Gujarat. A name that has been derived from the profusion of banyan trees in the city. Once the capital of the princely Gaikwad Family, Vadodara is a graceful city of palaces, parks, temples, and museums. The city's Fine Arts College attracts students from around the country and abroad

Bhavnagar Travel Guide »

Once the capital city of the princely state, Bhavnager was founded in 1743 and is now a flourishing port on the Gulf of Khambat. For the tourist it's a convenient base for visits to the town of Palitana and the sacred hill of Shatrunjaya.

Bharuch Travel Guide »

Its situated 70 kms from Vadodara. Ancient town with a 2000 years history. On a hilltop is a fort, which over looks the river Narmada.

Bhuj Travel Guide »

Bhuj was the capital of the former princely state of Kutch till 1947 AD. The two most interesting places at Bhuj, Aina Mahal and Pag Mahal are both located in the same campus. Aiana Mahal is a part of a large palace complex it is a two storied building with Darbar hall, hall of mirrors and suites for royal family. The Kutch Meseum, formerly known as the Fergusson Museum is another interesting visit in Bhuj. Tourist also attracts visit to Anjar - Old Architecture, Banny Villages to see 'Bhunga mud Houses,Kutchi Handicrafts, Kera an 11th century Shiva Temple, Dholavira - and Indus Valley Civilization excavation site.

Bhaucharaji Travel Guide »

Famous for the three temples of Goddess Bahuchraji (110 Kms from Ahmedabad) for who it is Named, the town features the varkhadi tree from where Goddess is said to have appeared. The temple dates from the 12th to the 18th century. The temple attracts innumerable pilgrims on full moon nights.

Bet Dwarka Travel Guide »

Offshore of Okha, the island of Beyt Dwarka is associated with Lord Krishna. The main temple here built in the 19th century has several shrines and images of Lord Krishna and his 56 consorts. There are several other temples on the island. Excavations have revealed some Harappan period artifacts. There are some nice beaches and coral formations to the north and east of the Island.

Champaner Travel Guide »

It is situated 47 kms from Vadodara, The town of campaner was subjugated by Sultan Mahmud Begara in 1484 and made it his new capital. Campaner lies at the foot of Pavagadh Fort. Campaner recently identified and declared as one of the hundred endangered architectural monument of the world.

Chorwad Travel Guide »

It is a small fishing village. Chorwad gained importance when Nawab saheb Mohabbat Khan of Junagadh build a palace by the sea.

Chotta Udaipur Travel Guide »

One of the India;s most picturesque tribal regions, Chotta Udaipur has a number of hamlets of the Bhils,Ratwas and other tribals, and handicrafts like pottery, arrow crafting , bow making, pithora wall painting etc During the Holi( Festival) The villages around chotta udaipur are the site for some really ethnic and splendidly colorful fairs attracting tribals in Numbers beyond comprehension. The Chitra Vichitra fair held during Mid March also attracts thousands of tribals in colorful attires.

Dabhoi Travel Guide »

Dabhoi is an ancient town originally known as Darbhavati. It was established in the early 6th century AD. The fortification and its foundation is ascribed to the great King of Gujarat, Siddhraj Jaisinh(1093-1143 AD), who made this frontier fortress.

Dakor Travel Guide »

Dakor (94 Kms from Ahmedabad) originally known as Dankpur, is located 40 kms east of Nadiad. It is an ancient temple town sacred to Lord Krishna. There are many temples in Dakor. The temple of Ranchodrai has an idol of Krishna, which said to be brought here from Dwarka, by a devotee. It is a combination of Hindu and Muslim architecture.

Diu Travel Guide »

Across the Bride from Ahmedpur Mandvi, Is the Diu Island. There are 6 beaches to choose from Nagoa is a most popular. The other beaches are - Jalander, Chakratirth Goghla, Simmer beach and Gahiramta. A 16th century fortress of Diu, Spanning 5.5 sq.km, is among the largest fortresses on of the Portuguese in Asia. A short distance from the fort is the Church of St. Paul, built in the 17th century. Another Church - Sao Thome or St. Thomas Church , is now a museum with a good collection of wooden sculpture and archeological finds.

Dwarka Travel Guide »

Dwarka is one of the 4 Principal dham yatras of the Hindus, The other being puri,Badrinath-Kedarnath and Rameshwaram. Dwarka was the home of Lord Krishna, who moved to this pretty coastal town with the entire Yuduvanshi clan. Marine excavations off the Dwarka coast have revealed important evidences of 4 ancient cities.

Gandhidham Travel Guide »

It was specially built for displaced persons after partition Khanla is a Major port, the only free trade zone of the county is very close by

Gandhinagar Travel Guide »

Gandhinager the capital city of Gujarat, is the second capital city in the country, after Chandigarh,to built anew. The two cities are similar in more ways than one. Both the cities are very well laid out, with plenty of gardens and grid like houses and street structures. Local visit covers the most famous temple of "Swaminarayan Sect" the richest sect in the world. Pink stones with beautiful carving build Akshardham Temple. It is surrounded by lush greed gardens and admirable fountains.

Girnar Travel Guide »

Girnar is one the two hills most sacred to the Jain community of India. It rises to a height of more than 600 meters, Its five peaks crowned by 16 carved and sculptured marble shrines that adorn this famous hilltop temple city.

Gondal Travel Guide »

The town created a model state of Saurashtra in late 19th and early 20th century. One of the oldest and most beautiful of Gondal palace, The Navlakha Palace complex (17th century) is situated on a river bank, on a grand masonry base, rising to the monumental scale of the last 30 meter above the river bed. The Grand Darbar hall, with a series of huge windows opening onto a long balcony supported by intricately carved brackets. Other two royal palaces - The Riverside Palace & Orchard Palace are converted in Heritage hotels. The rules of Gondal where great lovers of automobiles and one can see several Vintage and classic cars in the Royal Garage. Two Royal rail Saloon of the Gondal state were renovated, keeping the original décor and are available for accommodation (run by Royal family). Other interesting places to visit are the Swami Narayn temple, Bhuvaneshwari Temple, Ayurvedic Pharmacy and the stud farm of Kathiawadi Horses.

Halvad Travel Guide »

Halvad was a former capital of Dhrangadha State and was ruled by Jhala Rajputs. It is and ancient fortified town at the southern edge of the little Rann of Kutch. The yellow earth of this semi arid area and buildings of local yellow sandstone makes the whole townscape glow vibrant golden yellow during the sunrise.

Hajira Travel Guide »

Situated 28kms from Surat the pleasant Hajira beach is fringed by feathery casurina trees and has a comfortable holiday home for the visitors. Tithal situated 108 kms from surat is a Beautiful sandy beach with palm-sheltered cottages. Ubharat is another fine sandy beach situated 42 kms from Surat. Dumas are a seaside resort 16 kms from Surat.

Hindolgadh Travel Guide »

The town Jasdan on the bank of Bhadar River, The Darbargadh at Jasdan is a beautiful example combining plaster decoration with intricate wrought iron work. The decoration above the arches and Jharokhas are noteworthy. Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary is in the vicinity of Jasdan. The Royal Palace on the hilltop heritage accommodation is an added attraction.

Jamnagar Travel Guide »

Founded in 1540, Jamnager is the above of the Jadeja Rajput rulers of Nawangar and the capital of their state, is and interesting city which enjoys a variety of destinations. It is renowned for its pearl fisheries, a neval base of some importance and a certain type of tie-and dye fabrics.

Junagadh Travel Guide »

Am ancient fortified city rich in myth and legend, Junagadh lies at the foot of Girnar Hills and takes its name from the Old Fort which circles the medieval town, The Girnar Hills stands from 2500 year B.C having a legend of its own. The Antiquities of Junagadh go back to the times of the Emperor Ashoka (250 BC) Whose fourteen Rock edicts can be seen cut into a great rock outside the city.

Kandla Travel Guide »

Kandla is a major sea port 380 kms from Ahmedabad. It has single point mooring facilities with a free trade zone. The places of interest are a monument of Mahatma Gandhi and Nirva Siteshwar Mahadev Temple. Gujarat's picturesque hill station is perched on a plateau in the Dang forest area of the Sahyadri Range. It has a cool bracing climate, the highest temperature even in the summer months not exceeding 28-Degree Celsius.

Kutch Mandvi Travel Guide »

One of the finest beaches in Gujarat is at Mandvi, a historic port town of the Maharao of Kutch. The Mandvi brought considerable prosperity to the royal family of kutch. It was important to the Maharaos as their capital city of Bhuj, and they endowed it with some splendid palaces and buildings.

Lothal Travel Guide »

about 85 kms south-west of Ahmedabad. Towards Bhavnager, Lothel is the nave given to a mound near Saragwala, A village in Ahmedabad district. Its is of great interest to archaeologist as the city which stood here 4500 years ago was a Harappan settlement. The excavations at the site have brought to light a well-planned city with rows of houses and a scientific drainage system. All the discoveries prove that the city must have been a commercial center. Harappans might have come of this part of India and proceeded inland. While the Harappan civilization comes to an end in Punjab, it continues for about 500 years more in Gujarat. The name Lothel actually means Mound of the dead in Gujarat.

Mahudi Travel Guide »

Mahudi (80 Kms from Ahmedabad) is an important Jain and Baniya Pilgrimage. The Jain temple is dedicated to Vir Ghantakarna and is known for the long penance of Mauni Buddhisagarji. The sun temple is important for Banias and had idols believed to date back to the 5th Century.

Mandvi Travel Guide »

Its Main attraction is a seaside resort, a renovated palace of the Nawab. Nearby are sunny beach, offering a safe heaven for swimming and water sport.

Mehsana Travel Guide »

The district headquarter, this city has earned its place of pride due to the dairy run on the co-operative basis. The building housing Dudhsagar Dairy is in itself an important site for architects for its modern design coupling utilitarian and aesthetic concepts.

Modhera Travel Guide »

The sun temple of Modhera is on of the finest examples of Indian temple architecture of its period. Built in 1026 AD the temple is dedicated to the Sun-God, Surya and stands hight on a plinth overlooking a deep stone - steeped tank every inch of the edifice, both inside and outside is magnificently carved with Gods and Goddesses, Birds, Beasts and flowers.

Morbi Travel Guide »

Located on the bank of the Machchhu River, floods devastated morbid in 1979 AD. Rulers built road, railways network of seventy miles connection Wadhvan and Morbi and two small ports of Navlakhi and Vavnia for exporting the states production of salts and cloth. The Railway station of Morbi is a beautiful example of Railway architecture, combining Indian and European architectural elements. The royal palace is also an attraction for the visitors.

Nalsarovar Travel Guide »

Nal Sarover, 116 Kms is a Natural lake, About 64 Kms away from Ahmedabad where different verities of migratory birds of various breeds, flock and rest in winter months (November to February). The bird life in Gujarat is rich in winter when the local residential forms are augmented by a large number of species coming from far off places. Such birds include rosy pelicans, flamingoes, white storks, a variety of ducks including the Brahmany duck from Tibet, saras cranes, herons, avocets, curlews etc.

Navsari Travel Guide »

Navsari was an important Parsee settlement from 1142 AD. The sanatorium, fire temple, tower of silence and agiaries of Navsari are major pilgrimages for Parsee visiting Gujarat.

Palanpur Travel Guide »

A Former princely state rules by the Nawabs. Now state famous for Diamonds with rich heritage such as havelis, palaces, Kirti-Stambha, KingGeorge clubhouse.

Palitana Travel Guide »

Commanding a special place on the Gujarat travelers' map, Palitana is a `must visit' destination for the Jains and all those who would like to witness what the subtle combination of human enterprise, architectural skills, philanthropy and channelised religious fervor can achieve. The entire summit of majestic mount Shatrunjaya is crowned with about 900 temples, each rivaling the other for beauty and magnificence, presenting an awe-inspiring spectacle to devotees and visitors

Patan Travel Guide »

Home of the famous Patola silk saris, Patan is a beautiful old town with Jain temples and carved wooden houses. Ranakivav (Step-well) and Sahastraling Lake are also interesting places to visit in Patan.

Porbandar Travel Guide »

The historic city of Porbander, has creeks rich with flamingoes and other shore birds. The Daria Mahal Palace faxing the sea is a delightful work of architecture. The City's greatest claim to fame is as a birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, whose old residence, Kirti Mandir , is now a memorial museum that traces his life through a series of memorabilia and library.

Poshina Travel Guide »

The Village of Poshina is home to a number of Native artisans-the tribal arrow crafters, silver smiths, potters, blacksmiths and the Bazaar is famous for Silver tribal Jewelry, ornate sheathed daggers and terra cotta horses. Darbargadh Poshina- It is a small family runs medieval fort in a tribal village with comfortable antique furnished rooms with attached baths. Tribal dances and safaris are some of the highlights of staying Poshina.

Rajkot Travel Guide »

Rajkot, the former Capital of the princely state of Saurashtra was founded by the Rajput Chief Kunwar Vibhuji in the 16th century, Rajkot is famous for its Bandhani Sarees, mirror-work, patch work, bead work and silk embroidery. Best Season: October to March

Siddhpur Travel Guide »

Siddhapur is an ancient sacred town on the banks of the Saraswati River. It finds mention in the Skanda Purana as Sristhala. Siddhapur derives its name from the great ruler of Gujarat, Siddhraj Jaisinh, who constructed a magnificent Shiva Temple in 12th century AD, Rudra Mahalay,at this town.

Saputara Travel Guide »

Gujarats picturesque hill station is perched on a plateau in the Dang forest are of the Sahyadari Range. At and altitute of about 1000m, it has a cool bracing climate. Saputara means the Abode of serpents and a snake image on the banks of river Sarpagana is worshipped by the Adivasis on festival like Holi. The thick forest around Saputrara is dotted with Adivasi tribal villages and thrie unique dance is of great interest to visitors.

Shamlaji Travel Guide »

Located 125 Kms from Ahmedabad, The Ancient hindu temple of Shamlaji, built during the Solanki Rajput period, is a splendid work of architecture with fine carving and an aura of devotion. Some of the shrines here date before Christ. The Main Aarti attracts numerous pilgrims. During the Kartik Poornima period, Shamlaji is the site for a Massive Fair.

Somnath Travel Guide »

The shore temple of Somnath, believed to have been built in 4-Phases-in Gold by Lord Soma, in Silver by Ravi, In wood by lord Krishna and in stone by Bhimadeva. Tales of its riches brought in a series of invasions. Sardar Patel commissioned the present temple, the much loved Gujarati leader, in the 1950's. The temple has imposing architecture, a 50-meter high Shikara tower, intricate carving, silver doors, a pretty Nandi, the Shivalinga, a Number of holy idols and images, at a splendid location facing the Arabian sea.

Surat Travel Guide »

The Ancient port of Surat has been renowned for its fine silks and exquisite brocades and its trade in Spices. Surat is ideal point to visit Hajira, Upharat, Thithal etc.

Udwada Travel Guide »

Udwada is one of the most importance Parsee Pilgrimages with the original fire temple of the early Zaorashtrain settlers. Sanjan was one of the first Landing points of the Parsees with an important fire temple.

Utelia Travel Guide »

At the eastern entrance to Saurashtra from Gujarat, The Palace Utelia offers accommodation in a turn of the century building, se in the heart of an ethnic village of the Bhal Plains. Uthelia is convenient for visits to Lothal's archaeological site.

Vadnagar Travel Guide »

It's the center of the Nagar Brahmin Community that has provided Gujarat with some of her best administrators, poets, writers and musicians. When Akbar's court poet and singer, Tensen was affected by the burns of the Deepak Raag, He came to Vadnagar and was cured by the Raag Maldaar sung by Tana and Riri (116 Kms from Ahmedabad)

Velavadar Travel Guide »

Velavadar Black Buck Sanctuary :- 26 Kms patch, in the Bhal region of Saurashtra is a unique grassland ecosystem that has attracted fame for the successful conservation of the black buck- the fastest of the Indian antelopes, the wolf and the lesser florican. This exclusively Indian animal is graceful and beautiful. It has ringed horns that have a spiral twist of three to four turns and approx. 70 cm long. The upper part of the body is black and the underparts and a ring around the eyes are white. The female, light brown in color is usually hornless. The fastest of the Indian antelopes, they move in a series of amazing leaps and bounds when threatened and then break into a fast run.

Wankaner Travel Guide »

Wankaner derives its name from the Geographical feature, "Wanka" Means a bend and "ner" means water stream in Gujarati, - Means, "BEND ON THE STREAM" and it is located on the bend of the Machuhha river. The Royal residence - Ranjit Vilas Palace overlooking Wankaner town, The palace is a very eclectic building, a bold attempt to sythesise various architectural Styles, Also Museum has a memorable collection of swords, shields and daggers, 95 species' of stuffed animals etc etc. Step Well, Vintage car collection are added attraction. Heritage (converted) accommodation offered by the royal family for the esteemed visitors.

Zainabad Travel Guide »

The farthest corner in northwest Gujarat is Kutch, a stark & barren land of salt flats and caked mud for most part of the year and literally and island in the Arabian Sea after the monsoon. The Little Rann of Kutch is home to the Indian Wild ass - a distinctive variety found nowhere else in the world. Kutch is also home to a diverse range of fauna of the carnivores that stalk this stretch like Panthers and Wolves., Also found are Black Buck, Blue Bull and wild Boar. This sanctuary is open to visitors from November to May. In the Jeep you can break all land speed records as you will not come across a single fist sized stone for miles. This best way to chase the wild ass thundering downs the hard desert. Photography lovers and filmmakers will rarely have been such sight before. Tourists have made some of the fines action films of dashing wild ass and stampeding herds of Blue bulls, or vast congregations of winter cranes.
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